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May is a time for honoring and remembering those we love and ones we’ve lost. Whether we’re celebrating loved ones on Mother’s Day or remembering fallen heroes on Memorial Day, May brings a time of reflection, commemorating and even transition as we work towards creating new lives for ourselves; some becoming new parents others grieving lost loved ones. A life transition can be positive or negative, planned or unexpected. Some transitions happen without warning (i.e. accidents, death, divorce, job loss) while others are thought out ahead (i.e. marriage, child birth, starting a new job). Whether anticipated or unexpected, transitions in general are life-altering, causing us to leave behind the familiar and adjust to a new way of life. 

If you’re going through a change and aren’t sure how to effectively deal with it, here are some helpful tips for handling life transitions: 

1. Become More Aware. You are better able to assess what is going on and make decisions for yourself, based on facts instead of feelings when you become aware of your present state of transition and know what is going on around you. 

2. Become Knowledgeable. Being informed on what you’re experiencing is necessary when it comes to managing this period of your life well. The more you know, the better equipped you are to handle your emotions and can make healthy choices for yourself. 

3. Normalize Your Fears. You want to normalize your fears surrounding the transition so that it does not seem like such a scary thing. Find a way to turn your fears into motivation and use your motivation as a way to jump-start yourself into a new experience. 

4. Learn Valuable Lessons. As you go through your transition think about what you’ve gained and how you’ve become a stronger person because of it. Transitions can be hard but in the end they teach us something new about ourselves and help us gain a newfound confidence. 

5. Share Your Experience With Others. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences with others, whether positive or negative. You never know who is going through the same life transition and could benefit from your support and guidance. 


Spring is a beautiful time of the year where birds are chirping, flowers are in bloom, your garden may be starting to finally resemble a garden and trips to the park are becoming more and more frequent.

What is not so beautiful about spring is the dreaded SPRING CLEANING  frenzy.  It can be overwhelming and quite a chore sometimes. But what if it didn’t have to be?

Here are some tips to SPRING into action and de-clutter your home in no time!

  1. Start with one room first. When you think of all the rooms in your house, it will bog you down and make the task at hand seem IMPOSSIBLE. Breaking it down into pieces will help get you started.
  2. Set a timer. Don’t spend all day trying to get everything done. You won’t. Set an alarm for 30 minutes and start off with that allotted time.
  3. See this as an opportunity to make some extra cash. Cleaning out closets will be more fun and motivating when there is a price tag attached. Organizations like ThredUp will send you a bag for free that you fill with clothing and send back, they will pay you and the clothing that they don’t accept goes to local charities. There is also Plato’s Closet that will buy gently used clothing and the rest you can set aside for a garage sale!
  4. Have fun with it! Play your favorite soundtrack in the background to make the time go by faster!


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