We all have burdens to bear and it can seem appropriate to keep calm and carry on. However, you don’t need to confront every issue and challenge on your own. Sometimes it can help to talk with someone outside the situation to view it differently and then respond differently. If you are struggling with relationship issues, including poor communication, lack of connection, or infidelity, Jennifer Magbanua, a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) based in Orlando, FL, can provide online counseling.

Jennifer can also help individuals confront anxiety, depression, grief, and other family challenges. Since founding JM Counseling in 2010, Jennifer has helped countless couples and individuals resolve life’s challenges. There’s no one right approach to providing therapy, and it is crucial to devise care plans that are tailored to you and your loved one’s needs. Additionally, it is important to find a level of comfort and security in the therapeutic relationship. Jennifer has a unique ability to help people feel at ease in the very first meeting.

Some of the most popular treatment methods Jennifer uses include:

Gottman Method

Designed for couples, this method emphasizes empathy and increasing respect, affection, and intimacy. The Gottman Method can help couples break down walls in their relationship and improve communication. It is anchored on research-based intervention.


Physical exercises like yoga and meditation can reduce stress and calm anger. Breathwork is designed based on these practices but with a therapeutic purpose in mind and allows clients to harness the soothing powers of their own breathing. Breathwork is easy to deploy anywhere, such as at work or even when you’re out in public.

Therapeutic Journaling

Also known as writing therapy, clients can be taught to record their feelings and thoughts. This is different from a standard journal, which focuses on recording the details of various events. Therapeutic journaling can help individuals better understand themselves and how they react and feel throughout life’s journey.

Individualized Care for Reliable Results

The above treatment methods are not exhaustive. When confronting relationship and individual mental health issues, it is necessary to keep an open mind and use treatment methods that are individualized to be most effective. What’s crucial is finding a therapist you can trust and who will remain neutral, advocating for the well-being of you and your relationships. Jennifer fits the bill with a comforting and confident style.

If you need assistance or have questions, call 407-782-4848 to reach Jennifer. While JM Counseling is based in Orlando, FL, online counseling sessions by Jennifer are available throughout the state of Florida.

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