Self-Esteem Issues

Self-Esteem Issues

No age range or group of people are immune to self-esteem issues. They can plague children, teenagers, and adults of all walks of life. If you or someone you love suffers from low self-worth, JM Counseling of Orlando, FL, offers virtual therapy to help.

Guide to Low Self-Esteem and How Therapy Can Help

Self-esteem issues are called many different things. Low self-worth or self-image, insecurity, feeling inferior, and lacking confidence are some common ones. Some people even use the word “shy” to describe children, teenagers, and adults with insecurities.

Regardless of what you may call these issues, the bottom line is that they can negatively impact your life. The following are just a few ways.

  • Constantly feeling self-conscious, like you’re being scrutinized, and like nothing you do is ever good enough
  • Being eager to please, which often leads you to saying, “Yes,” to things you want to say, “No,” to
  • Blaming yourself anytime something doesn’t go right and apologizing constantly
  • Needing everything to be perfect
  • Avoiding relationships or staying in unhealthy ones
  • Constantly talking down on yourself or allowing others to do the same

Symptoms such as these can build onto one another, which can eventually lead to anxiety, depression, burnout, and more.

Benefits of Therapy

Struggling with self-worth can be exhausting, but JM Counseling of Orlando, FL, can help you sort through the challenge and overcome it. Some of the specific benefits of therapy can include the following.

  • Uncovering the underlying issue: No one wakes up and decides they want to feel bad about themselves. It starts somewhere. It could be events such as abuse, neglect, hurtful words, a disappointment, a break-up, being compared to others, or something similar. Each of these events can trigger specific beliefs and misconceptions, which create much larger issues down the line. Uncovering the root can play a vital role in healing.
  • Challenging and changing beliefs and expectations: We often have beliefs and set rules for ourselves around those beliefs. This can be helpful in some ways, such as if it helps you get to work on time. However, it can also be harmful and inflexible. Identifying unhealthy beliefs and rules can set you free in many ways.
  • Changing self-talk: Most people with self-worth issues talk down to themselves, which perpetuates the issue. Developing self-love and changing how you talk can be crucial.

These are just a few of the many ways therapy can help. Learn more about how adults, teenagers, and children can find freedom from self-esteem issues with the help of JM Counseling of Orlando, FL. You can schedule online sessions throughout Florida by calling (407) 782-4848.

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