Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity Counseling

If you’ve suffered from the effects of infidelity in your relationship, therapy with JM Counseling of Windermere and Orlando, FL, can help.

3 Benefits of Counseling After Infidelity

Infidelity can be one of the most painful things to face in a relationship and one of the most difficult to get over. Though therapy isn’t magic, it can help couples overcome the pain and move forward. Learn more about how below in the guide from JM Counseling of Windermere and Orlando, FL.

1. Therapy Can Help Start the Conversation

After a betrayal has occurred, it can be difficult to even speak to your partner. Conversations might not go beyond the necessities, such as who is picking the kids up that day. Tension tends to hang in the air. If you do try to speak, it might turn into an argument very quickly. Therapy can help both parties begin to open up about the betrayal, which is critical in moving forward.

2. Therapy Can Get to the Heart of the Matter

The party who has been betrayed often spends a lot of time wondering why they’ve been betrayed and what they could have possibly done to deserve it. The party who committed the betrayal often feels guilty, wondering how they let it happen. And, in some cases, they don’t feel as though they did anything wrong, especially when it comes to online relationships and other non-physical forms of betrayal.

Therapy can help get to the root of the issue, as betrayal is often a result of other things. It could be due to childhood trauma, feelings of inadequacy, depression, or many other issues. By digging to the root, it can provide invaluable insight for both parties. It can also help clarify how the action was wrong when the offending party is unclear.

3. Therapy Can Help Heal the Wounds

Most couples who seek counseling after betrayal do so because they want to save their relationship. This can be a challenge without help, as the wound just continues to fester. Therapy can help you work through it and heal the wounds. If both parties are committed, it can help save the relationship. If the couple decides not to remain together, therapy can still help close the wounds so that they can move forward individually in a better mental and emotional state.

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